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Traditional Care

Providing a comprehensive range of services.

At NHC HealthCare, Franklin, we offer a comprehensive range of skilled nursing care. Long-term health care services are provided by experienced medical professionals providing physician directed protocols. Skilled nursing care consists of 24 hour nursing service by registered or licensed practical nurses and related medical services. Intermediate nursing care consists of similar services on a less intensive basis principally provided by non-licensed personnel.

Rehabilitative services consisting of physical, speech and occupational therapies designated to aid in the patient's recovery and enable them to resume normal activities are provided.

Our staff provides custodial and personal care that focuses on helping patients with activities of daily living, such as:
  • Bathing - includes grooming activities such as shaving and brushing teeth and hair
  • Dressing - choosing appropriate garments and being able to dress and undress, having no trouble with buttons, zippers or other fasteners
  • Eating - nutrition supervision
  • Assistance with manageable incontinence available

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